R-32: Is the EPA reducing GWP?

Fiction: The EPA will reduce GWP to below 500 is 2029, banning R-32. Fact: There is no evidence to support this. There is no current EPA regulatory activity to lower GWP even further than 700 GWP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKnU1HFJid4 . . . This content is restricted to […]

R-32: Who owns the patents of R-32?

Fiction vs. Fact Fiction: Daikin created R-32 and owns the patents. Fact: Daikin did not create R-32. Hoechst AG created R-32 back in 1964. Daikin has released over 400 patents on the applicational use of R-32. They are available worldwide with free access! Learn more: […]

Breeze – Quality without Compromise

Since 1883, Friedrich Air Conditioning has had one manufacturing standard – quality without compromise. Friedrich has historically been THE trusted expert in HVAC for best-in-class heating and cooling solutions. Breeze is the easiest way to upgrade from traditional ducted unitary HVAC equipment to an efficient, […]

Ultra Low Nox Water Heaters

At Rheem part of our commitment to leading the way with products that truly make a difference for the planet, we’re focused on developing water heating products that meet regulatory requirements, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts while still delivering reliable performance. We took […]

The Ultimate Guide to HVAC Condensate and Condensate Pumps

Unlock the answers to the top questions surrounding HVAC condensate. Most HVAC equipment produce condensate water during normal operation, including air conditioners, high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration equipment. This ebook provides the fundamentals on HVAC condensate, condensate removal, and condensate-related problems. Download

Celebrating Better – Thanks to Good Air

Event spaces experience two extremes: they are either unused or packed with people. The ventilation system in the event location Stiftskeller in Beutelsbach could no longer cope with the changing requirements: after a retrofit, it not only circulates air more efficiently but is also vigilant […]

Effortless, Energy-Efficient Home Comfort

Looking for hassle-free smart thermostat upgrades and furnace-to-heat pump conversions using just the two existing wires? Invita has you covered. The Invita WiFi Thermostat uses the existing 2-wires to connect the display in the living area to the HVAC Interface Module in the mechanical room. […]

Localized North American Retrofit Solutions

With over 500 employees and 427,000 sq. ft. under-roof in Connecticut and Tennessee, we’ve doubled our U.S. production of fans and motors. We are planning $15M of product investments in ’24/’25 to support your needs and our growth. This expansion enables ebm-papst North America to […]

An Open-Heart Ventilation Retrofit

In hospitals, the fresh air supply in operating rooms, intensive care stations and treatment rooms is crucial. Therefore, it took surgical precision and steady hands to retrofit a two-meter impeller at a hospital in Ulm, Germany.