Fan Selection for Optimized Performance and Efficiency

Selecting the right fan that delivers excellent performance and efficiency for the intended application is complex. The customizable options, including natural frequency, blade shape, pitch angle, diameter, material composition, mounting type and more, are virtually endless. Watch fan engineering experts from Multi-Wing and learn considerations […]

Warming Up to CO₂ Cooling

The E3 controller for CO₂ applications is part of Emerson’s next-generation facility management and refrigeration control platform. To prepare for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in refrigerants, learn how this California kitchen seamlessly upgraded from the legacy E2 in this case […]

Electrical Testing at Its Finest

Fieldpiece’s Power Clamp Meters are UL listed for safety. They feature Non-Contact Voltage testing and Hi-Voltage warning indicators. Just use the built-in magnetic hanger and alligator clips for hands-free testing applications. Plus, take other measurements more safely with one hand using single test lead holder.

Adopt CO₂ With Confidence

Fully integrated system controls, compression and components simplify the transition to sustainable CO2 refrigeration. This article discusses how supermarket owners and operators are actively evaluating their next-generation refrigeration strategies. Download