Simplify Drain Piping Installation

When installing a light commercial AC unit, having enough room to install a proper drain-up piping is key. However, traditional slope piping is not only time-consuming, it can also cause a number of issues such as risks of water leakage, condensation and cracks. To greatly […]

Learn About Sound Measurement Challenges in Field Tests

Sound test data helps manufacturers meet noise level requirements. Multi-Wing’s video offers equipment manufacturers an understanding of the challenges associated with sound measurements in field tests. It helps viewers visualize complicated conditions and demonstrates sound measurement of fan noise with a sound meter at given […]

How to Measure the Diameter of a Fan

Providing an accurate fan diameter is critical for specifying a customized Multi-Wing fan. Fans with an even blade count are relatively simple to measure. Accurately measuring a fan with an odd number of blades is slightly more involved. Watch Larry Marsinek, sales engineer at Multi-Wing, […]

Greenheck High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan Overview

Greenheck’s High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans deliver the largest coverage areas in the industry and provide 30% more airflow, resulting in as much as 15oF of perceived cooling effect for building occupants. With their lightweight, plug-and-play design, Greenheck HVLS fans are the easiest large […]

Greenheck Automatic Balancing Damper Demonstration

Pressure-independent automatic balancing dampers (ABD) are designed to maintain constant airflow volume in HVAC applications. The damper blade is calibrated to automatically adjust to changing pressures reducing the amount of energy required to ventilate a space while improving the indoor air quality. Watch how a […]

Optimize the Appearance of Mini Split Installations

The LineGate Cover System adds the finishing touch to any HVAC project. This elegant solution hides and protects unsightly refrigeration pipes, especially on mini-split AC installations. Constructed from high-grade, weather-resistant, and UV-stabilized materials for maximum protection, LineGate is available in ivory and silver colors to […]

Greenheck Vari-Green Drive 100+ Demonstration

VGD-100+ internal variable frequency drive is equipped with Bluetooth communications and a smartphone companion app that makes set-up, status monitoring and troubleshooting easy and intuitive. The app replaces the need to access controls directly on the drive while providing an easier to understand display. Users […]