The YELLOW JACKET Combustion Analyzer (CA502 and CA502P) is an essential tool for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and proper operation of heating appliances. With six simultaneous readings displayed, CA502 is among the best in the industry. Compact and lightweight, the analyzer with a magnetic protective holster fits in the palm of your hand. The CO over-limit protection provides sensor longevity and the 7” duct probe with adjustable depth stop allows for easy installation and use at any jobsite. A wireless printer option and YJ Combustion App make the YELLOW JACKET Combustion Analyzer the simplest combustion analyzer on the market!The inline condensate trap and soot filter provides easy viewing and easy change out and cleanup at the end of a job. A replaceable filter is integrated into the suction line and can be easily replaced while emptying the water trap. The onboard pre-calibrated O2 sensors are easily field-replaceable, allowing for reduced downtime.Integral manometer functionality and optional manometer tube accessory allows for monitoring of system and flue pressures. Integrated startup zeroing makes this unit a great ambient and flue gas CO detector. Displays PPM for CO, preventing local CO poisoning hazard, as well as setting fuel to the correct efficient burn. The YELLOW JACKET Combustion Analyzer CA502 and CA502P include all the features needed to safely service customers efficiently and effectively.


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