The YELLOW JACKET TurboRecover has all the features you need for fast and effective refrigerant recovery. The powerful twin-cylinder, oil-less compressor and 1.25 hp Brushless DC (BLDC) motor ensure fast recovery of every system. Lightweight design and included shoulder strap allow for easy transportation to any jobsite. Fully automatic operation for fast recovery of Class III, IV and V refrigerants including R-410A and A2L refrigerants. Single control valve for simple operation and easy changeover from recover to purge and status indicator LED notification of machine faults and completed recovery make it the simplest recovery machine on the market!Dual-gauge design allows for monitoring of the system and tank pressures simultaneously and integrated low-pressure switch automatically powers down the machine when the system reaches 10” of vacuum. Integrated purge circuit clears residual refrigerant from the machine, preventing cross-contamination when changing from one refrigerant to another. The reusable mesh particulate filter is integrated into the suction port and can be easily cleaned or replaced. TurboRecover includes all these great features to make your job easy.


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