The YJACK Series is a network of devices that offer a total HVAC/R diagnostics solution. Multiple devices can measure system and environmental parameters, providing a complete picture of a system’s condition.Each device utilizes Low Energy Bluetooth technology to interconnect with each other and any Smart Device, Android and IoS with a 400 ft line of signal range. Many of the YJACK Series devices communicate directly with the P51-870 TITAN Digital Manifold simultaneously.The free YJACK VIEW App provides easy-to-use access to all information measured by the YJACK Series of devices. You may easily receive and analyze live data from all powered on nearby YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices including system pressure, temperature, evacuation, leak test, psychometrics, electrical, charging and recovery. And generate highly customized and detailed service reports capturing system readings and equipment information for your records.


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