R-32: Who owns the patents of R-32?

Fiction vs. Fact Fiction: Daikin created R-32 and owns the patents. Fact: Daikin did not create R-32. Hoechst AG created R-32 back in 1964. Daikin has released over 400 patents on the applicational use of R-32. They are available worldwide with free access! Learn more: […]

Celebrating Better – Thanks to Good Air

Event spaces experience two extremes: they are either unused or packed with people. The ventilation system in the event location Stiftskeller in Beutelsbach could no longer cope with the changing requirements: after a retrofit, it not only circulates air more efficiently but is also vigilant […]

Effortless, Energy-Efficient Home Comfort

Looking for hassle-free smart thermostat upgrades and furnace-to-heat pump conversions using just the two existing wires? Invita has you covered. The Invita WiFi Thermostat uses the existing 2-wires to connect the display in the living area to the HVAC Interface Module in the mechanical room. […]