Rheem Maximus Super High Efficiency Gas Water Heater Introducing the all-new Rheem Maximus Super High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater. Maximus means “the greatest” in Latin, and this Maximus lives up to its name. It delivers maximum efficiency, continuous hot water and smart control. The unique design of Maximus makes it able to heat water extremely efficiently. Even still, it’s able to heat water fast—so fast, in fact, that it heats water faster than most homes can use it. And when guests are in town and more hot water is needed, MaxMode delivers up to 15% more hot water. The result is the continuous hot water of a tankless water heater with the easy, affordable installation of a standard tank. And by heating water nearly 2X faster than a standard tank, it eliminates the need for a second water heater—so it saves space. It’s smart, too, with built-in EcoNet WiFi smart monitoring technology, which keeps an eye on the health of the water heater and alerts you to any issues. Plus, EcoNet works with the integrated LeakSense water leak sensor and available LeakGuard auto water shut-off valve to protect the home from water damage. With all this and more, it’s the greatest residential gas tank water heater we’ve ever made. Learn more at Rheem.com/Maximus


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